Three White House Staffers Identified as Leakers – Trump Ready to Fire Them

Ever since Chief of Staff Reince Priebus left Saudi Arabia to return to DC there has been a lot of speculation. Now sources claim three White House staffers have been identified as leakers and Trump is ready to fire them.

Per Wayne Dupree:

Just the other day, I mentioned that Chief of Staff Reince Priebus might be returning to fire individual leakers as that has been a major White House leaking problem.

I am not sure why they are waiting until Trump returns when that is Priebus’ job but the severity of the situation probably deserves the Commander-in-chief himself.

These leaks demand an investigation of a sort. The leaks are endangering our safety and these people report their information to someone.

Here are the since deleted tweets:

Three White House Staffers Identified as Leakers

Three White House Staffers Identified as Leakers

Three White House Staffers Identified as Leakers

Trey Yingst is a White House Correspondent for One America News. One America News is widely known for reporting the truth and being very ethical. They do a great job distancing themselves from fake news. One America News is a very reliable source.

This is a huge story and the fallout is going to happen quickly. Stay tune, we will be following this story very closely and providing details as they become available.


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