Chelsea Clinton Humiliates Herself on Twitter Again! – This Time About Planned Parenthood

It seems like Chelsea Clinton will never learn. Many people out there are suggesting that Donald Trump stay the heck away from Twitter. Maybe the same advice should be provided to Chelsea Clinton. Iowa recently defunded Planned Parenthood. Ever since this program was defunded at the state level, it has caused four Planned Parenthoods in the state have shut down. Well, Chelsea couldn’t just sit and watch on the sideline. Chelsea Clinton humiliates herself on Twitter again!

Iowa Defunds Planned Parenthood

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As you may have guessed, liberals immediately started losing their minds. Count Chelsea Clinton in with the group of those losing their minds.

Chelsea Clinton Humiliates Herself

Holy crap, with Planned Parenthood defunded how will women find health care providers?

Wait, there are other options?

So it turns out that not only Iowa, but all other states, can defund Planned Parenthood and be just fine. These places are an abortion mill and nothing more.

This makes something obvious. Chelsea only cares about abortion. The rest of the whole “women’s healthcare” thing is a false narrative for the left. Look at some of the statistics.

As you may remember, this isn’t the first time we’ve had a story about Chelsea Clinton embarrassing herself on Twitter.

It’s clearly time for Chelsea Clinton to stay the heck away from Twitter. She constantly makes herself look like a complete fool while achieving nothing.

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