Fake News CNN – CNN Once Predicted “Trump Won’t Be Welcome in Muslim Countries” – VIDEO

Fake News CNN - CNN Once Predicted "Trump Won't Be Welcome in Muslim Countries" - VIDEO

Much to the dismay of the mainstream media, President Trump received an incredible welcome from Saudi Arabia. The King of Saudi Arabia, King Salman, pulled out all of the stops and made sure that President Trump was greeted with an epic welcome. Additionally, it has been a productive and enjoyable visit for Trump. He was able to secure a $110 billion weapons deal with the Saudis on his first day of the visit. Remember fake news CNN once predicted “Trump won’t be welcome in Muslim countries.”


What did Trump think about the visit so far?

“It was a great day. Tremendous investments in the United States . . . and jobs, jobs, jobs.”

And as far as enjoyment over there, President Trump enjoyed a big league sword dance and even took part in it.

If you watched the fake news on CNN, you would have been led to believe that Trump would have never received this kind of “fit for a king” welcome that he received.

Just over a year ago, CNN predicted that Trump would be banned from the Islamic world. Why? Because of his hate for Muslims.

Turns out CNN could not have been more wrong. Not only was Trump not banned but he was welcomed in with open arms. Saudi Arabia even awarded President Trump with the highest civilian honor in Saudi Arabia.

How will CNN twist this and turn it into a failed trip by Trump? Here’s an idea for them.

Fake News CNN



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