President Trump Dancing in Traditional Saudi Arabia Sword Dance – VIDEO

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have arrived in Saudi Arabia. They will be touring the Middle East and Italy. There have been many differences between their visit when compared to Obama’s visit. First off, President Trump did not bow to the Saudi King like Obama did. Second, the beautiful First Lady Melania opted not to wear a headscarf. The welcome for President Trump has been tremendous. They were surrounded by Saudis who were dancing with swords and celebrating his arrival. This video features President Trump dancing in traditional Saudi Arabia sword dance.

President Trump Dancing in Traditional Saudi Arabia Sword Dance

As you can see President Trump and his family are really enjoying themselves. Smiles are everywhere.

Let’s not forget this is a business trip. President Trump is working on deals as we speak with the Saudi Arabian government. It’s good to see President Trump was able to take a few minutes and enjoy himself with some Saudi Arabian dancing.


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