Proof the NYC Times Square Crash Was Not an Accident – VIDEO

A driver in NYC plowed through pedestrians in Manhattan’s Times Square. The accident killed at least one person and it also injured almost two dozen more, according to city officials. It happened at 11:55 a.m. Authorities initially stated that the crash appeared to be accidental. Well, that’s not true. The driver has now been charged with second-degree murder along with 20 counts of attempted murder and five counts of aggravated vehicle homicide. Though they have attributed the crash to alcohol, there is a very compelling case that this was not the case. Here is proof the NYC Times Square crash was not an accident.

WARNING: Graphic Footage

Proof the NYC Times Square Crash Was Not an Accident

After watching this video it seems pretty evident that this was no accident caused by driving drunk. If that was the main reason for the crash then why was he able to hold it together for so long while in traffic? He waited until the right moment and maneuvered his car to where he would be able to cause maximum damage. This look like it was clearly planned and calculated. Then when you look at the image below of him after the crash, it seems even more evident.

Proof the NYC Times Square Crash Was Not an Accident

Like and share this to people are able to see this was not a drunk guy driving like a maniac, but a calculated move.

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