President Trump Speaks at Liberty University Commencement – #MAGA Everywhere – VIDEO

The Liberty University commencement was Saturday in Lynchburg, VA. President Trump was the speaker and he blew the top off.

During the ceremony President Trump was awarded a Doctorate of Law.

The students in attendance were going crazy for Trump. Many of the graduates wore “Make America Great Again” hats to the ceremony.

President Trump blasted his critics. He told the graduates to reach their dreamed and also said, “nothing is easier or more pathetic than being a critic.”

Watch the video!

President Trump Crushes Critics at Liberty University Commencement

No question about it, this was a shot at the liberal mainstream media as well the Democratic Party. Trump was also sure to thank those in attendance for voting Trump in November.

What a great ceremony for the graduates at Liberty University. They enjoyed every second of it. It’s good they were able to show the left how you are supposed to act when at your graduation ceremony.

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