Have a Laugh at Hollywood – Celebrities Lose Their Minds After Trump Fires Comey

Tuesday evening news broke that President Trump fired FBI Director Comey. Suddenly, Hollywood became James Comey’s biggest fans. The anti-Trump crowd was rocking and rolling. They were calling for Trump’s impeachment. Some of them hurled insults and wished poor things on President Trump. Let’s just say that the left was “triggered.” Have a laugh at Hollywood on me.

Let’s take a look at some of their “best” work.

Cher opted for the all cals, “GUTLESS,LYING,TRAITOR” when describing President Trump. This even though Director Comey was very disliked.

Have a Laugh at Hollywood

But Cher wasn’t done there. She even went for the Russian Trump conspiracy theory. Of course she did.

With the amount of times Trump has totally destroyed Rosie O’Donnell, you know she had to take a shot at some payback. She opted for all caps as well. She thought the “PATHETIC MORONIC SPOILED RICH P****,” should resign.

Of course Rosie had more.

You know that liberal nutjob Sarah Silverman couldn’t pass up the opportunity of becoming a James Comey superfan.

Rob Reiner has decided that Trump is history and will be locked up immediately.

John Cusack decided immediate impeachment is the obvious solution.

The talented John Legend also kept it short and simple.

Jim Carrey went with “absolute evil.” The celebrities have a heck of a time laying off CAPS LOCK when they discuss President Trump.

I know you were dying to hear what the Dixie Chicks thought about Trump firing Comey. Well have no fear, I’d never let you down. Natalie Maines of the Dixie chicks believes Trump has a “mental illness.”

So it looks like the Hollywood #resistance is real and taking care of business. President Trump is going to read all of these tweets and these things will all come true. That’s how this works, isn’t it?

Share this story and expose how out of touch Hollywood is. They think we care about their opinion, while we couldn’t care less.

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