Wikileaks Offers James Comey a Job

On Tuesday news broke that President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. How long until Comey gets a job? Not long. Wikileaks offers James Comey a job!

Julian Assange is the founder of Wikileaks. As soon as he found out about the news of the FBI Director’s firing he was quick to reach out and offer him a job. He wasted no time in trying to lure the former FBI Director into a prominent role with Wikileaks. After all, James Comey has a background in investigating. Sure, Wikileaks and the FBI have very different approaches when it comes to investigating, but still both are investigating.

Wikileaks Offers James Comey a Job

You knew that Wikileaks couldn’t just sit on the sideline for this one. They sprung right into action and tried to acquire one of the hottest free agent investigators in the world.

Assange points out that the FBI will now start leaking like Niagara. What kinds of information do you think will start leaking from the FBI?

Also, we must commend Julian Assange. What a master job of trolling when Director Comey is at one of his lowest points. Kudos!

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