Leaked Emails Expose Loretta Lynch – She ‘Would Do Everything She Could’ to Protect Hillary From Arrest – VIDEO

We all remember Loretta Lynch leaving the plane in Arizona after she met with former President Bill Clinton on the tarmac. At that point it was fairly obvious that Loretta Lynch was protecting Hillary for something. Well, now it’s official. Leaked emails expose Loretta Lynch. She  ‘Would Do Everything She Could’ to protect Hillary Clinton from arrest.

On Fox News, Catherine Herridge dropped a complete bomb on Loretta Lynch.

Catherine Herridge: This is the most significant headline coming out of the investigation today… What we heard today for the first time were details about a document that related to Attorney General Loretta Lynch that had been obtained by Russian hackers. And that the document indicated that Lynch would do whatever it took to prevent criminal charges to be brought against Hillary Clinton in the email probe.

Remember when FBI Director James Comey told the US Senate leaders that he couldn’t speak on the email in a public form and also refused to discuss it? Catherine Herridge does.

Catherine Herridge: In several of the questions referring to Loretta Lynch the FBI director said he couldn’t discuss it in an open unclassified setting… The FBI director said today he felt boxed in by Lynch and kind of a victim of circumstances. But that really didn’t wash with Republicans who were on the committee.

Leaked Emails Expose Loretta Lynch

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Everyone knew this was the case when those two met on the tarmac. Now all of our thoughts are confirmed.

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