Joe Biden Says Hillary Lost Election Because She’s a Woman – VIDEO

His time has came and went, but he refuses to go away. Creepy Joe Biden says Hillary lost the election because she’s a woman. Not because she was a disaster of a candidate. Not because she lied to the American people over and over. Also, not because Donald Trump was a candidate that gave a nation hope. It was all just because she’s a woman.

Per the usual tactics of the left, Biden blames Hillary’s loss purely on sexism.

“This last election, I think Hillary was at such a disadvantage. There was a double standard because she was a woman.”

Yep, this guy is for real. What’s even sadder is that it has been six months since the election and the Democrats are still digging up new excuses for their loss. So they go to their go-to excuses, sexism and racism. Watch the video.

Joe Biden Says Hillary Lost Election Because She’s a Woman

If Joe Biden had lost the election, what kind of excuses would be thrown around? Joe Biden lost the election because he is creepy. That would have been a much more fun headline to write.

Regardless, the left is in complete disarray and is still refusing to accept their defeat.

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