Liberal Actor Claims White Men in the Military ‘Are the Bad Guys, Not Muslim Community” – VIDEO

Mandy Patinkin was on MSNBC doing an interview. The liberal actor claims white men in the military ‘are the bad guys, not Muslim community.’

That’s not all he had to say, though. Patinkin also said that Muslims are a community who have made contributions to the world of a monumental nature.


Watch the video.

It should come as no surprise that far left Chuck Todd agreed with him. Per NewsBusters:

Appearing as a guest on Friday’s MTP Daily on MSNBC, liberal actor Mandy Patinkin of Showtime’s Homeland series bizarrely seemed to suggest that “white men” in both the government and the military are “the bad guys” in their dealings with Muslims.

We have tried to be part of the cure, not part of the problem. A different story line where we’re helping these people and a story line that shows in this case, in this year, in this season and — that maybe it’s the — and it is white men in the government and the military establishment that are the bad guys, not the Muslim community.

This stuff should no longer surprise me, but it still does. The bad part is these people are serious.

All I can say is what a buffoon!





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