Mike Cernovich Crashes Anti-Trump Rally Screaming “Bill Clinton is a Rapist” – VIDEO

You can’t make stuff like this up. Mike Cernovich crashes anti-Trump rally while screaming “Bill Clinton is a rapist!”

Independent journalist, Mike Cernovich and reporter/activist, Joe ‘Rambo’ Biggs were reporting live from an anti-Trump rally in Austin, TX. Cernovich crashed the stage while screaming “Bill Clinton is a rapist!” and Biggs caught it all on tape.

Cernovich was booed viciously and then soon after the crowd rushed him.

Mike Cernovich: “Bill Clinton is a rapist. He raped Juanita Broaddrick. The media covered it up. Bill Clinton is a rapist! I want everyone to know that. Bill Clinton is a rapist!! Bill Clinton is a rapist!!

At first the crowd was booing them. Then they rushed in and began getting physical with them.

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