Is Susan Rice in Hiding? – She No Shows at New York Event Due to “Ticketing Error”

The embattled former national security adviser for Obama no shows at a New York event due to “ticketing error.” Is Susan Rice in hiding?

Is a ticketing error something that really happens in the year 2017? It was a “Women Helping Girls” event in Rochester, NY. The night before the event was set to happen Rochester was informed the  “Evening With Ambassador Susan Rice” was cancelled due to a ticketing error.

Per a Twitter post by D&C Digital:

“GRAB of AAUW was very much looking forward to hosting Ambassador Susan E. Rice in Rochester to inspire young women who are soon to embark on their chosen careers,” said VP of Development for AAUW Cheryl McKeiver. “Unfortunately, we regret that we must cancel the conference originally scheduled for Saturday, April 8 due to a ticketing error.” 

Interesting, to say the least.

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