Hillary Explains Why Putin Opposed Her – Worst Reason EVER – VIDEO

Well, Hillary Clinton is still incredibly full of herself. In this video Hillary explains why Putin opposed her. Because she’s an evil b*tch? Of course not… That would make too much sense!

You already knew that, though, right? When asked why Putin opposed her during her 2016 presidential campaign, this is what she had to say:

“I don’t think it’s too complicated. I think he had his desire to destabilize us and others, and you know, he’s not exactly fond of strong women.”

Watch the video.

Hillary Explains Why Putin Opposed Her – So DELUSIONAL!

I started to laugh, then I thought to myself, “She’s serious, isn’t she?” How can someone be so out of touch? It’s hilarious at this point.

Yeah, Hillary Clinton is still a crazed liar.

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