James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis Issues Warning to North Korea – VIDEO

U.S. Defense Secretary James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis takes his job of keeping our country safe very seriously. He recently issued a warning to North Korea. North Korea has got away with threatening the United States for years, but it appears to finally be coming to an end.

Per Daily Mail:

On his first visit to Britain as Pentagon chief, Mattis also took rhetorical jabs at Russia and said America’s priority in Syria is defeating the Islamic State group rather than bringing down President Bashar al Assad.

At a joint news conference with his British counterpart, Michael Fallon, Mattis was reminded by a reporter that as commander of U.S. forces in the Middle East several years ago, he considered Iran to be the biggest threat to U.S. interests.

Asked how he would deal with Iran as secretary of defense, Mattis called Tehran a problem but quickly pivoted to condemning North Korea and described the isolated, communist country as the more immediate threat.

One of the key moments in the speech was when he let the crowd know that he and President Trump are taking a new look on North Korea. Mattis strongly said, “North Korea must be stopped!”

This was a message that was certainly heard around the world. North Korea can continue to build nukes and make threats, but moving forward they now know there will be consequences. Watch the video.

James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis Issues Warning to North Korea

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