Donald Trump Paid Almost Double the Taxes Bernie Did – WHOOPS! – VIDEO

MSNBC released some of Donald Trump’s tax forms tonight. As it turns out, Donald Trump paid almost double the taxes Bernie did. Wow!

Let’s look at the 2005 tax returns of Donald Trump compared to socialist Bernie Sanders.

Businessman Donald Trump paid $38 million on $150 million in income in 2005.
Socialist Bernie Sanders paid only 13% according to his 2014 tax returns.

Donald Trump Paid Almost Double the Taxes Bernie Did

Bernie Sanders is all about socialism. He wants to pay his fair share and more so the next tier can prosper. Oh wait, that’s a bunch of lies. Bernie Sanders used the American people to get rich while he didn’t provide jobs or anything else to back the economy. In case you forgot, Bernie Sanders is a moron.

Share this story and expose what a con man Bernie Sanders is.

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