Chris Cuomo of CNN Makes the Dumbest Statement of All-Time – VIDEO

During an incredibly bad segment, Chris Cuomo of CNN makes the dumbest statement of all-time. Michael Brown, of Ferguson Police shooting fame, was a known drug dealer. That’s clear to everyone. Well, everyone except Chris Cuomo.

Check out the video.

Per the Gateway Pundit:

One of the filmmakers, Jason Pollock claims the footage shows that Brown didn’t rob a store as police reported, but rather he dropped off marijuana at 1 AM then returned just prior to the shooting to collect on the store owner’s ‘payment’ – cigarillos.

Former NYPD detective, Chris Houck said the new video of Mike Brown, if true, “shows him as a drug dealer”. Cuomo then responded by saying “But that doesn’t mean — that doesn’t make him a drug dealer even if that’s all true.”

So yeah. Chris Cuomo says that even though Mike Brown was seen dealing drugs, that does not make him a drug dealer. It does not get any dumber than that!


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