Obama Administration Source Confirms Wiretapping Happened – VIDEO

It all started off Saturday morning when President Trump fired off a series of tweets accusing Obama of wiretapping Trump Towers. Now there is an Obama administration source who confirms the Trump Tower wiretapping happened.

Per Fox News Watters World:

Democrat Kathy Arue:My sources from the White House told me, she thinks it’s all true. She said, um there were concerns that Trump-and this is from the White House and the administration inside the White House…there were concerns that Trump and his surrogates may have been colluding with the Russians and a possible bargaining chip to influence the election, therefore a wiretap was conducted.”

Take a look at the full video from Fox News Watters World.

Could this set off a chain reaction of people coming forward to share what they know? Stay tuned as we will be following this story very closely.


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