Hillary Supporters Want Her to Repeal the Bill of Rights – VIDEO

Mark Dice is amazing. He goes out and exposes just how dumb liberals are. In this video he proves Hillary supporters want to repeal the Bill of Rights.

The scary thing is that Hillary Clinton really could have made this a staple of her campaign and these people would still vote for her. It’s no wonder Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. It was in large part due to her massive turnout in California. Well, this is what California is working with. Check out this video and see how unbelievably stupid the left is.

Hillary Supporters Want Her to Repeal the Bill of Rights

Let’s go over some of the highlights. When the black man said the Bill of Rights was about a third racist, that was absolutely hysterical. Great way to end the video on a high note. Then, the two girls. The first one agreed that repealing the Bill of Rights was a solid idea, but then admits she doesn’t talk much politics. When her friend was asked, she reluctantly agreed.

So in California it’s pretty unanimous. Repealing the Bill of Rights is the path we need to go down.

Please help us share the liberal stupidity that goes down in California. Do your part and like and share this video on Facebook so everyone can see how clueless they are out there. Thank you Mark Dice.

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