Daughter Gets Anti-Trump Assignment at School – Dad is Furious – VIDEO

Many teachers push their liberal views on young students. This is more of the same. A daughter gets an anti-Trump assignment and Dad is furious.

For some reason teacher think it is OK to slant the way they teach things. A high percentage of teachers being Liberal is one of the few advantages the left still has. And believe me they are doing everything they can to take advantage of it.

Regardless, stuff like this cannot happen. This is unacceptable. Check it out.

Daughter Gets Anti-Trump Assignment at School – Dad is Furious

This is almost hard to believe. Teachers are literally instructing their students to hate President Donald Trump. At least she got her 15 points back and the teacher was disciplined, but this is something a young student should never have to deal with.

The left is desperate and obviously a bunch of sore losers. Share this on Facebook to expose just how desperate they are.

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