Bernie Sanders is a Moron – VIDEO

Now that the election is passed, let’s take a look at the blown opportunity of Bernie Sanders. We can officially say Bernie Sanders is a moron. Watch the video.

Bernie’s message makes him come off as a good guy. Now that the election is over, we can be completely honest about Bernie. Bernie Sanders is a moron. How do we know this? Take a look at his policies.

For instance, take the part of the video where Ted Cruz completely destroys Bernie’s policies. Senator Ted Cruz gives examples of hard numbers and how much it is going to cost to fund these ridiculous promises Bernie was making.

Also, it exposes how Bernie never had a job until he was 40. Then, after he lost the election he bought a $600,000 home. He was scared to death to attack Hillary, even though she was the easiest candidate to attack of all-time.

Bernie Sanders is a Moron

Bernie Sanders is a moron and a loser. This video proves it. Like and share this video on Facebook if you agree.

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