Saudi Couple Leaves Their Baby in the Car – Not Arrested Due to “Cultural Differences” – VIDEO

While going to a movie, a Saudi couple leaves their baby in the car and somehow they were not arrested. Watch the video for more details.



A video of a baby left in a locked car in Southern Texas has gone viral and so has the reason why the parents of the child weren’t arrested.

A couple from Saudi Arabia was watching a movie at a theater in Corpus Christi, Texas on Saturday night. While they were watching the movie, they left their baby locked inside, according to police. While the baby was unharmed, it hasn’t stopped people from being outraged at why officers didn’t hold the couple, who is not from this country, accountable.

“It wasn’t an accident and there wasn’t an arrest … it seems this time, culture played an unexpected factor,” KIII-TV reports.

That’s right, “culture” played a factor in there not being an arrest. This is completely insane. If someone does not realize you should not leave a baby alone in a vehicle, they should be arrested and have their baby taken away.

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