Millions of Food Stamps are Being Given to the Dead

What an insane story. SNAP has issued millions of food stamps to the dead as well as children under the age of 18. Does the government watch anything anymore?

Obama and Biden Don’t Care

According to the report:

3,394 of the retailers reviewed by the USDA were people listed as deceased when verified with Social Security Numbers. 193 retailers matched up with the SSNs of children.

If a number of these retail outlets are indeed owned by the dead or underaged, then the government will be forced to disqualify them to receive food stamps. That’s just common sense. What isn’t logical is why the owners were not checked out and verified in the first place. An average of 46 million Americans receive food stamps every month through the food stamp program, which costs $70 billion per year. You would think that those employed by SNAP would be tasked with ensuring that retailers are actually qualified for the program.

Millions of Food Stamps are Being Given to the Dead

It’s almost like corruption and fraud is encouraged in this administration. Our money can be better allocated than this and we deserve better. Luckily the Obama administration is coming to an end and we will get better.


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