Trump Raises Almost Double What Obama Did for His Inauguration

Remember President Obama’s star-studded inauguration in 2008? Well, Trump raises almost double what Obama did for his inauguration. Funny, because Democrats were making jokes at Trump’s expense about how no one will attend his inauguration and there will be no performers. They have even claimed that Trump has been blacklisted by all musical performers.

Trump Inauguration

Trump Raises Almost Double What Obama Did for His Inauguration

The crazy thing about his inauguration is no one knows what is planned. He has top TV producers planning it, but no one knows any details. President-elect Donald Trump has said that he wants to make it shorter and much more elegant than Obama’s.

Perhaps you are wondering, what will Donald Trump do with the extra money if not all of it is spent? All of the leftover money will be donated to various charities.

Trump does not need anymore money for the inauguration. You can help out by sharing this article and spreading the news of the Donald Trump Inauguration Celebration.


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