Bernie Sanders Confronted on His Anti-Business Policies

Despite backing socialism, Bernie Sanders has a ton of supporters. In this video you see Bernie Sanders confronted on his anti-business policies.

Bernie Sanders Confronted

As long as Bernie Sanders is not confronted, he does very well. As long as there are college kids screaming and cheering on his every word, he is fine. This is a real business owner with real question and Bernie Sanders is unable to address him.

Free college for everyone. Who is going to pay for that? The top 1% or 2%? Well, then what kind of incentives are there for someone to work to be in the top 1%? Remember, these are the people who are the job creators. These are the people who charge the economy. Bernie Sanders wants to penalize these people for doing so. And Steven Crowder exposes what a bad idea it is in this video.

While Bernie Sanders appears to have a good message and appears to be a nice guy overall, this video exposes that to not be true. Anyone can be a good guy when he is being cheered on by loads of cheerleaders. He wants to penalize people for being successful. He sidesteps the key questions.

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