Texas Muslim Man Admits to Setting Fire to His Own Mosque

A mosque in Texas was set ablaze on Christmas day in 2015. The left pushed this as the work of a Trump supporter. Now a Texas Muslim man admits to setting fire to his own mosque.

Yep, Gary Nathaniel Moore was the person who started the fire of the mosque. He has pleaded guilty to felony arson. Moore said he has attended this mosque 5 times a day for the past 5 years.

Texas Muslim Man Sets Fire to Own Mosque

Texas Muslim Man Admits to Setting Fire to His Own Mosque

On the day of the fire, Moore said, “he learned of the fire at the mosque from another member of the mosque who called him at home and brought him back to the mosque.”

Surveillance videos from a nearby business turned out to be his undoing. The first investigator who interviewed Moore on the day of the fire was able to identify him positively.

On December 29, there was a search warrant in place for Moore’s home. During the search, police were able to find the backpack and clothing that Moore was wearing the day he ignited the mosque.

Additional to that, a container of charcoal lighter fluid was found at his home. It was much like the charcoal lighter fluid found at the scene.

He is currently in jail at the Harris County Jail in Houston. His bond is set at $100,000.

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