Secret Service Finding People Who Tweet About Killing Trump

Eli Martinez was sleeping in his home in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago when agents showed up. Secret Service finding people who tweet about killing Trump.

His father woke him up and alerted him the Secret Service was there and wanted to speak with him.

“I thought he was kidding or I was dreaming,” Martinez said, according to Mashable.

Days before this he had tweeted a joke about killing Donald Trump.

Secret Service Finding People Who Tweet About Killing Trump

According to Martinez, he was questioned a great deal. Questions ranged from personal, medical, employment history to whether or not he had purchased weapons. They went to his house to figure out if he was a real threat to Trump or just someone mouthing off on Twitter.

There are other Twitter users who have had similar experiences when tweeting about Trump. So do not make threats to Donald Trump on Twitter unless you are looking for a visit from the Secret Service.

While many people see these tweets as joked, it is sure that the federal government is not taking this as a laughing matter.

This man spoke about the assassination of President-elect Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, George W. Bush and Governor Rick Snyder. He also insisted that the tweet was intended to come off “jokingly.”

Secret Service Finding People Who Tweet About Killing Trump

assassinate donald trump jeb bush george w bush governor rick snyder

These are just a few examples as there have many more examples.


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