CNN Busted Again – Caught Planting Trump’s Questions for Entire Interview

There was a leak of 8,263 emails by Wikileaks on Sunday. In this leak, CNN busted again. They were caught planting Trump’s questions for an entire interview.

Here are images of the leaks that provided specific information on having a discussion about the upcoming Trump interview with Wolf Blitzer.

cnn busted trump interview questions

This may look like they were going to just have a casual discussion. But it gets worse. The DNC provided CNN with a complete list of questions to hammer Trump with. This interview took place in April.

CNN Busted Again

CNN Busted Again wolf blizter donald trump

CNN Busted Again wolf blizter donald trump

CNN Busted Again wolf blizter donald trump

Is there any question why Trump supporters chant “CNN Sucks” at his rally in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Please do your part and share this story. We need to expose exactly how crooked Hillary Clinton and the DNC really are.


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