Former Secret Service Agent Exposes Hillary Clinton

This video features a former Secret Service Officer during Bill Clinton’s presidency. Former Secret Service Agent exposes Hillary Clinton. This is a must see video featuring former Secret Service Agent Gary Byrne.

What more has to happen for people to realize that these people are not worthy of being in The White House. The actions with Monica Lewinsky were just scratching the surface when it comes to how filthy this family was and is.

It also expands on how she lifted some furniture from The White House and took it to her townhouse. How despicable is that? Very expensive furniture with a great deal of historical value.

If you can handle the annoying host, this is an incredible video that uncovers so many low points of the Clintons, including Hillary. They used First Lady detail as a form of punishment. How crazy is that? Best of all, he included all of it in a book. This family was terrible enough to work with that Gary Byrne was able to write a book called Crisis of Character.

Former Secret Service Agent Exposes Hillary Clinton crisis of character

Incredible stuff from Gary J Byrne that I highly recommend you checking out.

Former Secret Service Agent Exposes Hillary Clinton

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