Hillary Stages a Question From a Child During a Townhall

As everyone knows, Hillary is not afraid to use some shady practices, but this horrible even for her. Hillary stages a question from a child during a townhall. Check out the video.

This an incredible job of investigating reporter by the YouTube user spanglevision. He saw something was up immediately when the question was being read and decided it deserved an investigation. Hats off to him and kudos for putting together an outstanding video to blow Hillary’s cover. Additional to that, spanglevision did a great job of making it clear that the child is not at fault and she did an outstanding job using her acting skills. It was not the child’s job to identify that this was a low character move. She was surely honored to be able to help Hillary Clinton with her acting chops.

It really is sad that Hillary has had to sink this low. Where does she draw the line? The answer is obviously nowhere. She will go to any length to gain an edge and win this election. She staged a question from a child in a town hall. Let that sink in.

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Hillary Stages a Question From a Child During a Townhall

Hillary Stages a Question From a Child During a Townhall

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