Leaked Audio: “Supreme Court Wrong on 2nd Amendment”

Hillary Clinton has made it known where she stands with regards to the 2nd Amendment. Leaked audio she is heard saying, “Supreme Court wrong on 2nd Amendment.”

Here is the leaked audio where she is heard saying this.

She can tiptoe the boundaries all she wants. It is very clear that she opposes the 2nd Amendment and opposes it big time. Another time she stated she was very proud to make the NRA an enemy. Hillary Clinton does not stand with the majority of America.

Like and share on Facebook to help get this leaked audio out. Let’s make it clear where Hillary really stands with regards to the 2nd Amendment. She often says one thing while meaning another. She was pretty cut and dry with this leaked audio though, wasn’t she?

Hillary: “Supreme Court Wrong on 2nd Amendment”

Supreme Court Wrong on 2nd Amendment

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