Obama Gets Super Racist With Trump

The liberal narrative during this presidential election cycle has been that Donald Trump is a racist. Well now Obama gets super racist with Trump. This is unbelievable.

Obama Gets Super Racist With Trump

President Obama said all black people need to vote against Trump or else it is an “insult” to all black Americans. Yes, you read that right.

On top of that he called all Trump voters racist. And he wasn’t done. He said any black who does not vote for Hillary Clinton is a personal insult to his legacy.

People are outraged by this video. White and black people alike. Don’t believe me? Watch this black man, Anthony Brian Logan, weigh in with his take on Obama’s speech.

Obama Gets Super Racist With Trump

Can you imagine if a white person said something like this about not voting for a black person? The world would lose their mind. How is this different?

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