Hillary Clinton Looks Drugged, Sickly When Responding to Bombing

Hillary a swipe at Donald Trump while responding to the NYC bombing. Also, Hillary Clinton looks drugged sickly when responding to the bombing. Take a look at the video of her response.

She was asked about Trump’s response to the bombing that he made in a Colorado speech. She said it is important to know all of the facts before creating a response.

There were many people that noted that Hillary looked like she was about to pass out while giving the speech. Did someone forget to fire up the Keurig for Hillary? This was at 8 am. She couldn’t respond to an emergency at 3 am, but she should at least be able to get moving at 8 am.

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Again we wonder, what drug was Hillary on?

Hillary Clinton Looks Drugged

Hillary Clinton Looks Drugged, Sickly When Responding to Bombing


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