Secret Service Agent Makes Highly Disturbing Observation After Hillary Episode

Democratic nominee is making headlines in one of the worst ways possible. As a result, a Secret Service Agent makes a highly disturbing observation.

Secret Service Agent Makes Highly Disturbing Observation After Hillary Episode

Per America’s Freedom Fighters:

Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino said, “This  is severe. I was in the Secret Service for twelve years. I must have done security, or been part of a security plan, at close to five-hundred sites, if not more. I’ve never seen a protectee go down like that, ever.”

“I’ve seen protectees get thirsty, get hungry, get a little woozy, sit down in a hold room. I have never seen a protectee literally faint, he said.

“I don’t think there’s any reasonable person would question that she would have fell if it wasn’t for the agents. And one of the things about that video that kind of dictates to me how severe the situation was, is, if you look at that video of her getting in the van, look to the left, and you’ll see two white shirts with the NYPD. That means they’re supervisors. They’re probably lieutenants, or sergeants, meaning they probably have ten years on the job, or above. These are seasoned street cops. They see her and watch how quickly. They move right over to the vehicles. They don’t care about the Secret service, or anything. They walk right over to her.”

“That says to me,” Bongino concluded, “they saw something not in that camera angle, and they knew she was in a health crisis.”

This is coming from someone who would know. What do you think about Bongino’s take on this? SHARE and get this news out since the liberal media is chalking it up as a “right wing conspiracy.”

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