The Media Pondered McCain’s Mortality

The press has been demonizing people who question Hillary Clinton’s health. Let’s not forget, the media powdered McCain’s mortality.

mccain's mortality

The Media Pondered McCain’s Mortality

Per The Daily Caller:

In 2008, numerous media outlets syndicated reports declaring then-Republican nominee Sen. John McCain had a high chance of dying in office should he be elected president.

“1 in 4 chance McCain may not survive 2nd term,” an Associated Press headline read.

“Odds 1-in-3 that McCain may not reach 80,” said a report from United Press International.

While the liberal media is calling people who question Hillary’s health “conspirators,” 8 years ago the media did the same thing for McCain.

So on top of the Hillary Clinton lies, we have the media lying for her as well.

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