Obama’s Excuse For Not Helping Flood Victims

Obama's Excuse For Not Helping Flood Victims

Parts of Louisiana were devastated by floods. In the meantime, President Obama has been vacationing and golfing at Martha’s Vineyard. Obama’s excuse for not helping flood victims? It’s despicable and you won’t believe it. Remember, Republican nominee Donald Trump is down in Louisiana handing out supplies to help the victims.

Obama’s Excuse For Not Helping Flood Victims

Homeland Security Director Jeh Johnson came forward at a news conference in Louisiana to explain President Obama’s absence. His response was despicable and illogical. Obama is golfing, while the country is in need.

“The president can’t be everywhere,” Johnson told reporters.

Does it get any worse than that? Here it is on video.


Like and share if you are disgusted with President Obama not getting down to Louisiana in a time of need.  Trump is down in Louisiana helping the victims, while Obama golfs.

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