Crooked Hillary Is Nothing Compared To The Nicknames China Has For Her

china hates hillary

The Chinese have a great amount of respect for Donald Trump. A big part of this is due to his business acumen. Hillary Clinton, not so much.

Many of the Chinese refer to Hillary with nicknames that make Crooked Hillary seem very kind. This is according to The Daily Caller.

Nicknames like lao niang men, which means “old hag,” and lao yao jing, which means “old witch.”

Why do the Chinese feel this way? Due to the long history of Hillary bashing China for its violations of human rights and their political government. These are very sensitive spots for not only the Chinese people, but also the Chinese government. Trump also criticizes the Chinese, but he does it with regards to their economy, which is a different issue that is not as sensitive.

The Chinese are also very receptive to Trump because he is not a career politician looking to line his pocket. They feel that he sincerely cares about the American people.

Besides, nobody likes a professional liar. The honest and forthright approach from Trump strongly contrasts with Hillary’s lying approach.

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