Bin Laden’s Son, Hamza, Calls For Terrorist Attack Against US

hamza bin laden terrorist threat

Known as the “Crown Prince of Terror,” 23 year old Hamza Bin Laden has said that the death of his father will not go without punishment. Where he is located is unknown, but there is speculation that he will be taking over al-Qaida.

Hamza says he will continue the jihad or holy war against the West. This is a result of the United States oppression of Muslims.

This is not the first time he has called for terrorist attacks. He was groomed for this by his father, Osama bin Laden. Previous audio had him asking people to move forward with lone wolf attacks.

The United States needs a commander-in-chief who can handle these types of situations quickly and strongly. Between ISIS, the BLM movement and al-Qaida there are many threats to this great nation.


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