Unbelievable What Bill Clinton Did to MAKE SURE He Made it to Loretta Lynch

bill clinton loretta lynch

We all know there was an “unplanned meeting” between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch where they “talked about grandchildren.” Nothing about the case was discussed, they assured us.

A source in security at Phoenix has emerged with details. It has been established that Bill Clinton delayed his flight departure to make sure that the meeting could happen.

CNN released an official story, that established that they just happened to be “in the right place at the right time” so the meeting happened.

“Obviously, no one wants to see any untoward conclusions drawn, and they said they would not do it again,” Hillary said, do you think maybe she is familiar with hearing something like this from Bill before?

“I certainly wouldn’t do it again because I think it has cast this shadow over what it should not, over what it will not touch,” Lynch also added. Doesn’t this kind of sound like maybe they coordinated this thing? How can you prevent unplanned meetings from happening?

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