FBI Director James Comey with Biggest Announcement of the Year

There was a press conference held Tuesday morning. James Comey said that though it has been established that Hillary Clinton sent classified information through her private server and some of it was even classified as top secret, the FBI will not recommend criminal charges.

Comey stressed that the investigation was handled “honestly, competently and independently.” He pointed out that Hillary was careless, but he also stated that no reasonable prosecutor would move ahead with charges against her.

This recommendation will be handed off to the Department of Justice, who will ultimately make the decision.

Comey also confimed that even though the Clinton team denied this, 110 of her emails were classified at the time she sent them. She had argued they became classified after she sent them.

So let’s get some things straight. She broke the law, she knew she broke the law while doing so, but still will not be prosecuted? Sounds fair, right? Would you or I be treated similarly in a spot like this? I think not.

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