Even middle schoolers are getting in on the act. About 100 eighth graders refuse to pose with Paul Ryan during a DC trip. It's not every day you see a group of eighth graders protesting the policies of the Speaker of the House.

Paul Ryan's official Instagram page shows a picture of him waving to the students. The students came from South Orange Middle School in South Orange, New Jersey. What the photo does not show is the other students who are across the street, showing their disapproval for Speaker Ryan. The comment section is a dumpster fire. Insults being hurled at the students, at Paul Ryan, at everyone! Enter at your own risk.

100 Eighth Graders Refuse to Pose with Paul Ryan


ABC News was able to catch up with some of the students.

“It’s not just a picture,” student Matthew Malespina told ABC News. “It’s being associated with a person who puts his party before his country.”

Matthew's mother even had his back.

“The point was, ‘I don’t want to be associated with him, and his policies and what he stands for,’” Matthew’s mother Elissa Malespina said.

Other students took a more rational response. Even if you don't agree with all of his policies this is a great time to get a photo with a powerful man.

“I thought it would be very cool just seeing the man who is the third most powerful man in our country. It would be cool, even if you disagree with him,” student Miles Handelman said.

Miles sounds pretty reasonable and mature beyond his years. Kudos, Miles.

The parents were pretty split on what they thought about the actions of the teens. One parent even went to Facebook to tell the kids to “respect the office of the Speaker of the House, even if they disagree.”


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