Holy child abuse Batman! A 10-year-old kid in Maryland has been raised as non-binary. His (I think?) mother raised the child to believe that gender was not real and therefore preteen Xander Martin says that he or she is neither a boy or girl.

Honestly, it is hard to even write this article without using proper pronouns because the child appears to be a boy dressed as a girl. So for purposes of this article, I will refer to Xander as "he."

"There's no being bullied here, and only a couple true slip ups." Xander said in response to when people refer to him with pronouns like "him" or "her." His preferred pronouns are "they," "them," and "their."

Yikes. What was his mother smoking while she was pregnant? And for the 10 years after that? Those pronouns describe nouns in plural. If you say "they are coming" then one would expect two or more people to show. Right?

"I am who I am," Xander added, "Now I'm just coming out I don't care if I'm being bullied, I will correct them, and move on with my life, and try to correct this problem."

Don't get me wrong, I am in no way advocating for this child (or any children like him) to be bullied in the slightest. In fact, I find it quite sad. I am sad that his mother is too dimwitted to raise her child with common sense. Gender is not some made up factor. Biologically, a human being is either male or female. There are no other options.

WTSP reports:

Xander's mom, Rachael, said she started to understand what her child was going through at a very young age.

"They (Xander) started noticing," she said."Or saying that they felt different when they were in kindergarten."

"Xander first started commenting," Rachael recalled. "That sometimes 'I want to be a girl.' And initially it started with reproduction. It was 'I want to be a girl because girls are the ones who have babies.' And then it went to 'I just want to be a girl because I feel like sometimes I'm a girl. But I don't want to be a girl all the time, because I don't feel like a girl all the time."

Five years later, Xander is taking a big step. In the fourth grade, Xander came out to the rest of the class.

I'm guessing no one relayed to her that children have moments like that and it is up to the parent, the adult, to teach the child. When they are young, it doesn't matter if boys play with dolls or girls play with boy toys. Then as they get older, they learn that men and women have different roles. Roles that are both important, but certainly different.

Stop confusing our children!

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