Makes sense, right? Seems to be the type of logic necessary to support Hillary.


This one has used many different photos but all with this same message. Simple, but effective.


Perfect photo for this meme.


If you can remember Pedro, you gotta love this one. If not, do some research.


I make that exact face every time.


life's a bitch don't vote for one

Another simple, yet effective, design. Follow these basic instructions when voting.


Easy for her to throw dirt on Trump's name. It shouldn't be though.


still waiting for someone to list the accomplishments of hillary clinton

Well, you are going to keep on waiting.


Two despicable individuals. She really looks at him with a great deal of respect.


american's wrecking ball hillary clinton

How did I decide this one to be #1? The range of emotions that exploded on our Facebook page when it was posted. Whether you laughed, cried or screamed, there was a big time emotional reaction from everyone who saw this. And there are many layers of truth to it.

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